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TradeToWorld will strive to be a wonderful place for all stakeholders, such as employees, partners and the community made by its registered corporate users.

On top of that, the marketplace will promote fair business practices among enterprises, contributing to a better world enabling convenient, transparent and efficient trade relationships between Sellers and Buyers, who are ranked by their sustainable policies.

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TradeToWorld Circular Model

The marketplace is willing to adopt a wide approach in the matter of social responsibility, being a gateway of multiple initiatives and stakeholders that can contribute either to the promotion of sustainable trade principles or helping tangibly companies to improve their ESG profile. <br><br> At TradeToWorld, we believe that a value-based trade among fair and ethical players leads to a better world.

Being a Good Trade Player

TradeToWorld as a company will constantly work to improve its own sustainability ranking targeting to become an admirable place to work for, and to strengthen the relationships with suppliers and partners of its eco-system.

With the awareness that helping customers to adopt a new approach in promoting and negotiating their goods with international buyers requires an authentic role in activating the change.

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Promoting Fair Trade

TradeToWorld technology, business model and services deliver tangible value to the parties <br> (Buyer/Seller), securing maximum:


Saving resources in trade campaigns and exchange of goods


Exchanging real trade values and careful information in negotiations


Giving opportunities to every company to access unknown markets, bringing inclusiveness in the international trade


<strong>Logistic / Production Assessment</strong> is a service offered by TradeToWorld is focused to minimize logistics and transport costs in a Seller’ offer.

A dedicated team, for instance, will evaluate what type of packaging or composition would highly reduce weight and volume of shipped products. An original formula that up to the assembly or on-site outsourcing of product components in order to reduce the "transport" factor in the international Trade. Introducing the zero kilometre principle over long distances.

Our Markets

Empower Sustainable Business

The platform will, along the journey of the user experience, invite companies to apply for an improvement of their sustainable profile, as distinctive element of their marketing campaigns and brand positioning.<br><br> High ratings in this field are explicitly rewarded, giving best companies discounts in subscription and service fees, and granting free extra visibility in the marketplace.


TradeToWorld is the first marketplace in the world inserting in the own search engine parameters such sustainability ranking either as company (Seller/Buyer) or product. Buyers will therefore be able to use as sourcing parameter, beyond traditional filters such as price, location, product technical features, the trade partner sustainable ranking or the eco-compatibility features of its proposal.

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