Our story

We are a brand new online B2B platform born from dozens of years of experience in the off-line international trade, inspiring innovative supply chain solutions that now find a complementary online gateway.

TTW is not a traditional marketplace, but a “one-stop solution” for Sellers and Buyers willing not only to safely match their requests, but to be professionally assisted with full pre- and post-sale support.

Our story

TradeToWorld Value Proposition

Exceptionally engineered system

Innovative B2B Trade Platform

Sellers have options to display a wide array of products, selling from their factory or exporting their goods to local warehouses for immediate distribution. They can leverage the wide platform visibility and advanced communication tools to fasten their export journey. Buyers have a powerful dashboard and product repository where they search for customized products, track their favourite items, make orders and be alerted from new stocks and brands.

TTW eco-system

Welcome to a trade community

Sellers and Buyers find a transparent marketplace where to meet and negotiate. But on top of that, a comprehensive place where to find all solutions to safely execute their trade: from logistics competitive customized quotations to trade finance support, from business development to communication services, etc.. An entire eco-system of specialized professional actors helping the parties during the deal, and in all pre and post sale process!

Moving Sellers close to Buyers

Transactions Made Easy

Our platform provides state of the art tools for buyers, allowing them to select brands, product-mix and sales terms fitting with their purchasing preferences. Up to the unique feature to be able to buy already custom cleared products, in small quantities and in local currency. Through our logistics hubs, B2B has never been so easy.

Widening the sales channels

Empowering the selling experience

Sellers leverage our multi-channel gateway, being able to organize their assortment upon new collections and leftovers, ex-factory items and exported product stocks, providing multiple selling choices to buyers and assuming very competitive market positioning towards traditional international sellers acting from their home country.


A product for all tastes

Willing to buy a small quantity of imported items available in a nearby warehouse? Or scouting new exciting products from worldwide suppliers certified by TTW? Or looking for opportunities provided by Sellers offering premium leftovers? Yes, TTW is your place.

A shared purpose for a better world

Sustainability before business

TTW carries out a Sustainability assessment of Sellers willing to join the platform, in terms of product sustainability and overall environmental and societal profile of their Companies. The platform rewards their rating with valuable services, and featuring their “green” profile.

Where We Operate

Our platform is open to all markets, but with currently available trade services in North America, Europe, Russia and CIS Markets, and South East Asia. For the “imported and locally stocked” category product, however, it all depends on our currently running logistics hubs. All is anyway clear within the platform, because all available options are visible to Buyers willing to surf over online catalogues and proceeding in placing an order.

The same buyer can filter the search through several “buying options” (local products, ex-factory products, leftovers), in order to match their purchasing preferences. The same options are increasing with the opening of new logistics hubs, new markets and wider choice of brands and products.

Empowering Trade

TradeToWorld, through the advanced digitization of Companies and their product portfolios, is willing to ease the international trade, promoting fair agreements, facilitating import export in all stages, and building long-term trustful relationships among Sellers and Buyers worldwide.

Promoting fair
business worldwide

Facilitating import
export in all stages

Digitizing trade

Trading made easy. Click and surf through advanced B2B filters.

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