Our story

We are a brand new online B2B platform born from dozens of years of experience in the off-line international trade, inspiring innovative supply chain solutions that now find a complementary online gateway.

Our business development managers worldwide are constantly using this platform to enhance the visibility and the sales of its premium products. We are not an e-commerce. We are not traders. We just combine both on and offline boundaries in something new and unique: Trade To World gateway.

Our story

Our values

Exceptionally engineered systems
Innovative B2B Trade Platform

Sellers have options to display products available from factory or from warehouses located already in the foreign market, and they can as well display outdated stock available for immediate bargains. Buyers have a powerful dashboard and product repository where they can track their favourite items, make orders and be alerted from new stocks and brands.

A product for all tastes

Willing to buy a small quantity of imported items available in a nearby warehouse? Or scouting new exciting products from international quality suppliers? Or looking for bargains in purchasing discounted premium products? You do not surf among three different categories, but you profile them simply upon displayed filters.

Participation in equity markets
Transactions Made Easy

Our platform provides state of the art tools for buyers, allowing them to select brands, product-mix and sales terms fitting with their purchasing preferences. Up to the unique feature to be able to buy already custom cleared products, in small quantities and in local currency. Through our logistics hubs, B2B has never been so easy.

Ant Financial
Optimized commercial proposals

Sellers leverage our multi-channel gateway, being able to organize their assortment upon new collections and leftovers, ex-factory items and exported product stocks, providing multiple selling choices to buyers and assuming very competitive market positioning towards traditional international sellers acting from their home country.

Where we operate

Our platform is currently available in the markets where we operate: North America, Russia and CIS Markets, and South East Asia. For the “imported and locally stocked” category product, however, it all depends on our currently running logistics hubs. All is anyway clear within the platform, because all available options are visible to buyers willing to surf over our online catalogues and proceeding in placing an order.

The same buyer can filter the search through the different “buying options” (local products, ex-factory products, leftovers), in order to match their purchasing preferences. The same options are constantly increasing, because we are working in the background opening new logistics hubs, serving new markets and offering a wider choice of brands and products.

A platform that brings sellers and buyers closer together, in a win-win relationship: sellers have a gateway giving full visibility of their products and inventories, and buyers are empowered with a vast array of purchasing options.

The process is composed by three easy steps:

Trading made easy. Click and surf through advanced B2B filters.

Get your product in front of thousands of category buyers

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