All-in-one marketplace for a transparent, easy, efficient and sustainable Trade.

TTW mission is to make B2B trade an easy and safe journey for all companies worldwide.

Goods available in our international gateway

Display your goods in our international B2B platform, surfing among already imported products, international product catalogues and product sale opportunities.

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Export of goods to international sites
Simple trade management system

Multi-channel platform

Our online platform leverages multiple physical channels where buyers can place an order, receiving goods from local warehouses or importing from seller’s country.

Displayed Products

Place your goods in our platform and activate immediate sales.

Catalog Products

Products by catalogue (available from seller’s warehouses or manufactured on demand)

Imported Products

Imported products in the target market available for immediate delivery to local buyers


Discounted products belonging to previous collections or available for high discounted price

For Sellers

Register your company, upload your products and leftovers, and obtain a worldwide visibility through outstanding design presentations. After you can target international buyers with advanced marketing tools, negotiate your terms and close your sales.

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For Suppliers
For Buyers

For Buyers

You have now the opportunity to look through advanced and unique search filters for premium products from all over the world.

Moreover, through a simple free registration, you can visualize all commercial terms and available stock locations, opting for immediate delivery, international orders and premium discount opportunities.

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Trading made easy. Click and surf through advanced B2B filters.

Get your product in front of thousands of category buyers

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