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Goods available in our international gateway

Display your goods in our international B2B platform, surfing among already imported products, international product catalogues and product sale opportunities.

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Export of goods to international sites
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Simple trade management system

Multi-channel platform

Our online platform leverages multiple physical channels where buyers can place an order, receiving goods from local warehouses or importing from seller’s country.

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Displayed Products

Place your goods in our platform and activate immediate sales.

Catalog Products

Products by catalogue (available from seller’s warehouses or manufactured on demand)

Imported Products

Imported products in the target market available for immediate delivery to local buyers


Discounted products belonging to previous collections or available for high discounted price

For Suppliers

Upload your catalogue, with the option to ship selected goods to our international warehouses for immediate sale. And for your leftovers, reorganize their stock and enhance their visibility for potential international bargains.

Supplier information
For Suppliers
For Buyers

For Buyers

Register and surf for premium foreign products, visualizing what is for immediate delivery, international orders and premium discount opportunities.

Buyer information

Trading made easy. Click and surf through advanced B2B filters.

Get your product in front of thousands of category buyers

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