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TTW is an unusual marketplace, it’s impossible to say no, for several reasons. As an example, see here nine reasons why to join.

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Seller’s Benefits

No extra cost involved


There are many platforms you join for free, but then you have to pay to use their services. TradeToWorld no: the STARTER package, the completely free one, has powerful features boosting your international sales with no costs involved.

You pay only for extra services on demand, if needed, like to restyle your communication tools, seek for negotiation support, carry out promotional campaigns abroad, or prepare a sales mission.

Complete trade map

Trade Support

TTW makes export an easy process. Thanks a complete trade map providing market information, and an eco-system of platform partners specialized in trade services, companies find all solutions to promote, sell and deliver their goods to international Buyers.

And the worldwide visibility of the platform makes the marketplace a tremendous business gateway as well for experienced export managers.

Guaranteed business

Safe Deals

The world outside is full of amazing opportunities, but as well, of uncertain terrains, making your international expansion challenging.

TTW offers a safe market where you can comfortably manage negotiations with foreign Buyers, thanks to their certified identity, other Sellers’ reviews, transactions upon deposits and preventive inspections of the goods, professional assistance during the deal, etc.

Outstanding presentation

Marketing Power

Ok, an easy question: tell me what B2B platforms provide outstanding marketing tools to promote and introduce your company background, roots, product portfolio and value proposition in a stylish way through landing pages and digital presentations available either for registered platform Buyers or external Seller’s leads.

We know one: contact a TradeToWorld manager, she will tell you which one -)

Unlimited listings

Product Variety

TradeToWorld marketplace sells what the company has in its portfolio.

On top of the “traditional” proposal made of catalogues promoted by all B2B platforms worldwide, TradeToWorld gives Sellers the opportunity to list all kind of products, in terms of features or life stage: from raw materials to semi-finished products, from components to spare parts, from items on demand to leftovers.

Unmatchable opportunities

Export Gateways

The marketplace provides physical hubs where Sellers can export and stock their products, enabling a direct sale and distribution into the targeted foreign market.

Import warehouse and distribution centers are progressively opening into new worldwide areas in order to provide Selling companies an unmatchable set of export opportunities.

Online presence


TradeToWorld is not an e-commerce platform simply listing your products, but requires a full digital presence of a Seller: company presentation, entrepreneurs’ background, business data, value proposition, etc..

This available information describes how mandatory is to possess an advanced digital presence of our trade players, making them ready to carry out effective online marketing strategies and sales campaigns.

Values beyond the business

Green Credo

Green and Sustainable are not only “trendy words”, but inner in the marketplace philosophy.

TradeToWorld is most probably the first B2B platform enhancing the sustainable profile of companies, with distinctive features such as “green filters” available in Buyers’ search, sustainable ratings, and rewards in terms of visibility and privileged access to services for clients excelling in this field.

Cutting edge technology

Automated Tools

The platform technology is studied and constantly implemented to build an automized array of tools and services making the Trade journey easier, faster and efficient.

Thanks to the technology integration of TTW coding with external IT systems of specialized Partners and the progressive use of AI and IoT solutions, Sellers and Buyers have a full set of efficient and real-time services along all the international supply chain.

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