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You have subscribed as Buyer and you found the right products for you. After the purchase, you prepare a sales campaign in order to resell the goods in the local market.}

You have already your clients and channels, but what about to enlarge the sales opportunities using the same TradeToWorld platform?}

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Buyer’s Benefits

Completely free


You need first, to subscribe to the SELLER profile, following the same steps and with an easy process, because you have already submitted some of the required data as BUYER, and you have purchased products already listed.

Subscribing the STARTER package, moreover, the subscription is the completely free, and you can start from the day of your purchase to advertise your goods.

Enhanced accessibility

Stock Location

While you create your new additional account as SELLER, you select your purchased products and re-publish them with your sales terms, inserting your sales address.

The last one will become a new Stock Location available for TradeToWorld Buyers when they decide to proceed to an order: you are, therefore, listed as one of the available SELLERS of the same goods.

Added packages

Seller Features

Adding to your BUYER account, the SELLER profile, you have access to the same full list of features described for this user category, and highlighted in the SELLER page.

As Seller, you have as well the option to upgrade your free Starter subscription to the Advanced, Premium or Tailored packages, with all available incremental services and features listed at the PRICING page.

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