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Buyers have complete free access to the platform, surfing among international product listing through multiple customized filters. While all products are visible in the marketplace, to see commercial details (such as pricing, stock locations, etc.) you need just to register your company. Free, forever.

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Trade Support

TradeToWorld makes the purchasing process an easy step. Companies importing for the first time find all resources to assess SELLER value proposition, and to manage all necessary importing tasks through a guided process, thanks to an eco-system of platform partners specialized in trade services (such as logistics, import, financial instruments, etc.).

Moreover, TTW advanced search filters are a powerful buying tool expediting your search and assessment phase, with the possibility to mark products as favourites, follow brands and be notified of new arrivals or bargains.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide

Safe Trade

The world outside is full of amazing opportunities, but as well, of uncertain terrains, making your international expansion challenging. TTW offers a safe market where you can comfortably manage negotiations with foreign Sellers, thanks to their certified identity, other Buyers’ reviews, guaranteed deposits on transactions, assistance during the deal, and many other supporting features.

Another feature making the trade safer for BUYERS, is that TTW does not display just products, but full SELLER identity, with specific pages listing the selling Company data, background, value proposition, trade statistics, and brand identity. Therefore a vast array of information making Buyers’ trade more informed.

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Product Variety

TradeToWorld marketplace sells what the company has in its portfolio. On top of the “traditional” proposal made of catalogues promoted by all B2B platforms worldwide, TTW marketplace gives Buyers the opportunity to find all kind of products, in terms of features or life stage: from raw materials to semi-finished products, from components to spare parts, from items on demand to leftovers.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide

Stock Locations

Thanks to the marketplace physical logistics, Sellers have the option to export and stock lots of their products in foreign markets. So Buyers have this unique feature to be able to supply their needs choosing to pick up the goods at an increased number of possible nearby warehouses and distribution centers, purchasing them in local currency and at small lots.

During your surfing, visualizing a specific good of interest, you can therefore check at what locations you can purchase it, making as the geographical area as well a parameter in the search filters. With an additional opportunity described in the next point «Reselling Opportunity».

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Reselling Opportunity

As Buyer, you can buy from available stock locations, like Seller factory or other available logistics hubs, and then apply to become Seller at your turn. As example, you have purchased 6 items, imported them, and willing the resell them in your local market: what about create an account as Distributor and keep the goods fully and nicely displayed in the platform, adding your reselling place as new available Stock Location? You will insert your sales terms, and leverage the high SEO ranking of the platform as your marketplace! Investigate more at DISTRIBUTOR page.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide

Green Credo

Green and Sustainable are not only “trendy words”, but inner in the marketplace philosophy. TradeToWord is most probably the first B2B platform enhancing the sustainable profile of registered companies, with distinctive features such as “green filters” available in Buyers’ search, sustainable ratings, and rewards in terms of visibility and privileged access to services for clients excelling in this field.

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Automized Tools

The platform technology is studied and constantly implemented to build an automized array of tools and services making the Trade journey easier, faster and more efficient. Thanks to the technology integration of TTW coding with external IT systems of specialized Partners and the progressive use of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solutions, Sellers and Buyers have a full set of efficient and real-time services along all the international supply chain.

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