Welcome Company!

Display your goods in our international B2B platform, surfing among already imported products, international product catalogues and product sale opportunities.

Welcome Company!


You are a manufacturing or a brand company willing to sell your goods in our International markets?

Upon approval of all content, your company and products are online! Your products are, therefore, listed and published in the platform, and international buyers can visualize and be notified of your proposal. An interested buyer can contact you for additional info or a supply request.

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You are an International Buyer interested in purchasing some products or using the platform to source periodical supplies? While with a simple browsing you will be able to navigate through the profile of all available displayed products, upon the registration you will be given credential to access the entire portfolio and product information, including pricing and sales terms.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide

During the registration, moreover, you can list your purchasing preferences (product category and features, currency, distribution area, etc.) to make your surfing experience more valuable. At the same time, you will be able to receive periodical alerts of new products matching your search criteria.

Moreover, by another interesting feature, you can post an inquiry of a specific product or terms of purchase, and the platform will publish or notify all possible suppliers of this opportunity, having them to bid on your request.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide


A unique feature of our platform is to let the Buyer turn his account as Distributor. In other words, the Buyer might use the platform to create his own product repository and commerce website, displaying the purchased products to its customers.

As a matter of fact, with this function, the Buyer can “pickup” the displayed product sheets, amend the few customizable fields (like his own pricing and sales terms) and go online with his own catalogue.

A unified platform for all sales channels worldwide

Trading made easy. Click and surf through advanced B2B filters.

Get your product in front of thousands of category buyers

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