The platform has a lot of innovative features, so the user might have a lot of questions -) Here we go. Please find herein below some answers to possible questions you might have. For any extra inquiry, feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to assist you.

Our story

TTW, a comfort marketplace for International Buyers and Sellers

TTW is a comprehensive market where Sellers can comfortably display their products, ask for additional trade services providing full support in scouting partners, negotiating deals, and export the goods. At the same time Buyers can safely make recurring orders.

All the services are delivered leveraging the efficiency granted by the newest digital technologies and the innovation secured by the newest fronts of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

TTW is an e-commerce?

From traditional ecommerce platform, TTW differs at many points, such as:

  1. Showroom, not ecommerce listing: goods are not displayed e-commerce like. We care the image and presentation details, in a much more attractive way. We like to call our platform a "selling showroom
  2. Physical hubs: sellers can sell ex-works or directly from the foreign market where TTW provides an active importing hub
  3. Buyers turning into Sellers: Buyers can turn into Distributors, keeping the goods into the platform, and using TTW as reselling platform adding Buyer warehouse as an additional stock location
  4. Vast array of products: Sellers can display their full range of products, including leftovers, allowing international buyer a wider spectrum of choices.
  5. Green economy: TTW is rewarding companies for their green profile: as much as they are environmentally and social proactive as less they pay and get higher visibility
  6. Advanced Trade services: The ecosystem of specialized players around the platform allows to have a comprehensive set of ancillary services to effectively support the trade deals: logistics, import, warehousing, finance, up to available grants or facilities to export. The seller has full access to a complete dashboard of coordinated services making its international business fully assisted in every single area.

What kind of products Sellers can upload in the platform?

On top of Catalog products, TTW displays leftovers (usually an hidden assets in the companies) and, leveraging its international distribution gateways, imported products (stocked and ready for sale in small batches in the market of the buyer)!

As per the nature of the products, While most B2B platform feature only products that are digitally selling, like consumer goods, commodities and components, TTW is widely open to all sort of products, like equipment, high tech devices and customizable offers, which necessary require soft sales skills provided by development managers, who are actors of our platform.

Who are TTW’s customers?

As Seller, any company willing to display its products into the platform to be visible to international buyers. The product categories admitted to the platform are wide, encompassing several types of products.

As Buyer, the platform is completely free, upon a complete registration of the company profile, where TTW will ask questions on targeted products or interests in order to customize their platform experience and help them to scout the best deals world-wide.

I am a Seller / Buyer, how can I subscribe to the platform?

Registration will be available soon, but for the moment you can click on the following link to pre-register your company so we will be able to notify you when the full registration is available.

Only for Sellers, at the time of the registration there will be different subscription packages to choose, from the Basic (Free) up to Advanced, Premium and Tailored (Paid). The different packages offer incremental services and features, but the Free edition provides full visibility and business opportunities world-wide.

In which markets TTW operates today?

TTW is a worldwide aggregator between product supply and demand. Therefore, Sellers expose their catalogues and leftovers, and Buyers worldwide can access to their offering through advanced and innovative filters. So, no barriers within an inner worldwide market.

However, full trade services, which include customized sales assistance and importing services in the foreign markets, can be provided only in North America (USA, Canada), Russia and CIS Countries (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirghistan, Turkmenistan) and Asean (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines), whose markets are currently covered by Trade Partners. Soon new market areas will be added, and here we will give you notice.

TTW displays the products or helps as well to export them?

In order to provide turn key export and trade solutions, the platform will constantly develop full physical infrastructure, opening international logistics hubs where Sellers can export, stock and distribute their products in the foreign markets.

Currently this service is available at:

  • Miami Florida, USA
  • Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Please consult this section to see the coming new TTW stock locations.

How TTW offers sophisticated Trade services?

TTW is not a platform that displays some useful sources of complementary trade partners but it is an integrated ecosystem of actors whose value proposition is embedded within the platform services.

Example of services provided by the platform:

  • Business development services on site
  • Industry and market analysis
  • Import, warehousing and distribution services
  • Trade finance credit and options
  • Logistics quotations
  • Certification audits
  • Design and communication support
  • Grant and loan listings
  • and so on…

Which principles drive TTW?

TTW team will keep developing the platform to keep it in the lop with all the latest technologies. This factor, combined with human experience and specialization of services provided by Partners, will be a distinctive competitive feature. Our vision is to keep the edge of the innovation leveraging multiple source of digital information in order to stay ahead, to provide state of the art experience and making the international trade always.


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